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Untitled is a series of events brought to you by like-minded individuals who believe your experience should not just stop at the audio, but also be a visual sensation.

Located in the Liberty Village district of Toronto in an industrial warehouse gallery, this intimate day party is something we’ve been working on for a long time. This venue is new to the Untitled series, and we want you to experience something out of the ordinary. alienInFlux will power the dance-floor all day long and Kollective will provide a special art & decor installation.

Keeping in line with the holiday spirit, we will have baked goods, special drinks and other surprises for you all throughout the event. In addition please bring a non-perishable food item, if you wish, as we will be providing a Holiday Food Drive for charity. Let’s spread some love this holiday season. ❤🎄

► Daniel Bell 🇺🇸 [Detroit, Michigan]
Daniel Bell is one of the few old-school legends of Detroit still at the forefront of electronic music today. Originally influenced by Chicago House and avant-garde composers such as Steve Reich, Bell’s music laid the foundation for what is now known as the “minimalist” approach in house and techno music. After moving to Detroit in 1990, Accelerate Records was created as an outlet for Bell’s music. Recording under the name DBX, the 1994 single “Losing Control” was described by AllMusic as “one of the biggest underground smashes of the decade.” The hypnotically stark compositions released on Accelerate proved to be influential and sent his contemporaries (and copycats) off in a new “less-is-profoundly-more” direction. As well as being active behind the scenes running a distribution company and a record store in Detroit, Bell co-founded the 7th City, Harmonie Park and Elevate record labels. Bell’s releases on Elevate especially have become some of the most sought-after records in the collector’s market. In 2000, after the overwhelming success of his first mix cd, “The Button-Down Mind of Daniel Bell” (Resident Advisor awarded it 2nd Best Mix CD of the 00’s”), Bell became the first North American DJ to take up permanent residence in Berlin, Germany. While in Berlin, he recorded for several European labels including logistics, ~scape, Perlon and Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL), and spent the bulk of his years there on a relentless DJ schedule that took him to almost every part of the globe. In 2008, Bell launched his first world tour as a solo live act. Despite the trend toward laptop live shows, Bell travelled with a collection of vintage synths and drum machines. The tour was met with critical acclaim and was awarded Resident Advisor’s Best Live Act of 2008 – “DBX live proved that Bell remains techno’s greatest reducer”.

► Matt Thibideau & Mark Thibideau 🇨🇦 [Toronto, Canada]
Long-time contributors to the Canadian electronic music scene, Matt and Mark Thibideau have played some of the most influential clubs and festivals in the world such as MUTEK Montréal, Tresor.Berlin (OFFICIAL), Club Guesthouse, Club der Visionaere “official”, The Bunker New York, and Heideglühen. In joining forces, they have incorporated elements of both of their respective outputs fusing two separate bodies of work into one cohesive live performance. As much dance floor-ready as it is synapse-stimulating, it’s music that resists easy classification. The fraternal twins perform hypnotic dub techno, slow-burning deep house to energetic machine-tech curiosities on hardware synthesizers and drum machines. Fresh off of releases on Joule imprint, Sushitech Records, and a tour through South America and Europe, the Thibideau’s are slated to have a massive year in 2019 – stay tuned.

► Equus 🇨🇦 [Toronto, Canada]
Hailing from the streets of the Greater Toronto Area, two heads were united through their similar tastes for techno. Together they have joined forces to create the duo known as Equus. Through this project, Equus strives to take dancers on a ride; a journey through the art of techno. With an appreciation for ambient, classical, jazz, dance-hall, and hip-hop, Equus isn’t a one trick pony when it comes to their craft. So saddle up, expect the unexpected, and remember, no hoof… no horse.
19+ Event:
▷ Early Birds $20
▷ 1st Release $25
▷ General Admission $30
▷ Due to extremely limited capacity and demand, we can not promise any door tickets.
✕ In order to create a friendly and inviting dance-floor atmosphere, we respectfully ask our guests to refrain from taking photos and videos that cause a distraction to others. There will be a no-photo policy in effect.

✕ Harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, be nice to one another. We also kindly ask that guests respect the venue and most importantly, themselves. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to speak to a member of staff.


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