Suivre “Le Lapin Rouge” — our charming event series welcoming performers with a characteristic approach to setting a quest with musical depth through the red night.

Enter a parallel dimension at Rue de Rivoli (Queen Street) to experience a unique au courant story which is only heard from the Chuchoter of the back alleys of nowhere…
The little red room at Rivoli awaits you.

With our Guests:
▪︎ THOR (Official) ‘Sushitech RecordsRekids (Official)Thule Records‘ 🇮🇸
For a country with a population less than most cities, Iceland frequently carries its weight in music circles. In the 90s when the first wave of techno was emerging worldwide, the sound had reached all of Europe’s outposts and Iceland was proving itself as a fertile ground for new ideas in the genre. Working prolifically under a dizzying amount of aliases, with the most famous of them being Sanasol, Oz Artists, and Thor; dubbing him the Godfather of Icelandic techno. Like many of his generation, he moved on from the music scene as techno began to become harder and loopier in the early 2000s but his tracks remained staples for the likes of Richie Hawtin and Ricardo Villalobos. With the taste-making DJs dipping into genre-spanning range of productions credited to Thor, from his tougher releases to the tight, grooving and sexy sound that fits so well with today’s dance floors. Thor’s sound is unmistakable.

▪︎ Roland Gonzales ‘Assembly’ 🇨🇦
Over the past 19 years, Roland has touched on the whole spectrum of ‘house’ music and has developed his own unique and versatile style which is firmly planted in between the realms of house and techno. His passion for dancing is reflected during his energetic sets where funky and upbeat tracks always get the crowd grooving and screaming for more.

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