There you have it, almost 365 days around the sun. 10 events later, we’ve made it here.

Kollective turns 1 year old on January 12th and to celebrate we are throwing a very special event featuring:

A duo from Toronto with a quaint taste for techno.
Hailing from the streets of the Greater Toronto Area, two heads were united through their similar tastes for techno. Together they have joined forces to create the duo known as Equus. Through this project, Equus strives to take dancers on a ride; a journey through the art of techno. With an appreciation for ambient, classical, jazz, dance-hall, and hip-hop, Equus isn’t a one trick pony when it comes to their craft. So saddle up, expect the unexpected, and remember, no hoof… no horse.
▪︎ RA ||
▪︎ SC ||

x Frankesh
[Music Only]
*Vinyl Set

There will be complimentary food served early on the night + more special guests and surprised TBA.

10pm – ???

Fully loaded bar with drink specials.
No ATM on site, please bring cash.

Must RSVP to receive the location of the event.
🎫 Tickets:


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