Untitled June 2 - Social Media Main Flyer

Untitled w/ Delta Funktionen, Antigone, and Sleeparchive
◼︎ June 2nd ◼︎ Revival 629 Film Studios ◼︎
Untitled is a series of events brought to you by like-minded individuals who believe your experience should not just stop at the audio, but also be a visual sensation.

Delta Funktionen []
◼︎ Driven by stories and concepts. Using technical skill and a well-informed background—in part thanks to his time working in a Leeuwarden record shop—he calls on techno, electro, house and ghetto sounds to conjure up musical mind movies that really take you somewhere.

Antigone []
◼︎ At the forefront of the French techno scene, Antigone is today a leader and mentor for a whole new generation of electronic music producers and DJs. His sound is unmistakable to illustrate, his productions are very personal melodic and melancholic.

Sleeparchive []
◼︎ His body of work is purely minimal, a whole canon of systematic studies in kicks, bleeps and loops, its frequencies and atmospherics bleak enough to not divert from anything you hear, and move to. The Sleeparchive sound is, above all, heavy and hypnotic.

🎫 Tickets: https://www.residentadvisor.net/events/1105564


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